Sailing Tips

Courtesy of the Victorian Sabot Sailing Association we have a selection of Sailing Tips for Sailors, Parents and Coachs

Time to buy a sabot
All you need to know for buying sabots, including price ranges for parts of the sabot

Sailing in the Tide
Help for all those sailors who keep getting caught in the tide

Sabot Sailing Tactics
Some great tactics for sabot sailors to work on

How to do well at the Nationals
Without bribing the results officer, this guide gives some great tips for preparing for the nationals

How to get out of Irons
Sick and tired of being stuck in irons, this guide will make sure it won’t happen again

Regattas for the first time
Entering a regatta for the first time can be scary, this guide will help you understand everything which happens

Barging is not the way to start a race, and this guide will tell you why.

First day with Sail
Straight from the sail makers them selves, this guide helps setup the recently purchased sabot sail.

The code of values for all Sabot Sailors

Racing Rules of Sailing Online Quiz


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