Is your boat registered?

If you you recently purchased a nationally registered sabot (i.e. 7000 series) you need to ensure the boats registration is transferred to you.

Please note: a current registration is required to compete at the Nationals & Sabot Week.

Here is the registration procedure:

1. Send an email to the National Registrar listing; i) Sabot Number; ii) Sabot Name; iii) New Owner’s Name; and iv) New Owner’s address.
ANSC National Register
c/o Bonnie or Michael Eaton
Bonnie 0421 986643 or Michael 0438 894322
2. Pay $20 to ANSC (direct debit CBA BSB 064:816 A/c # 0090 3438 use sail # as reference)

3. The National Registrar will issue you the following; i) Certificate of Registration detailing new owner; ii) Copy of validated ANSC Measurement Form Part 1; & iii) Receipt.

If you have any queries on this process please do not hesitate to contact the national registrar