Medal Recipients

2014 Recipients
Lucy Osborne (NQ)
Christina Bowden (SQ)
Carlton Smith (SQ)

2013 Recipients
Maggie Bowden (SQ)
Seamus Byrt (SQ)
Ezra Pritchard (SQ)

2011 Recipients
Harry White (SQ)
Kurt Hansen (NNSW)

2010 Recipients
Sarah Dahl (SQ)
Trevor Koreman (SQ)
Dylan Baguley (SQ)
Lily Geck (SQ)
Sophie McIntosh (NNSW)
Caitlin Tames (SNSW)

2009 Recipients
Aleksandrs Price (TAS)
Adam Bloomfield (SNSW)
Bradley Leicester (NNSW)

2008 Recipients
Felix Grech (SNSW)
Kaela Sparre (SNSW)
Kanya Baratha Raj (SNSW)
Vardon Robson (NNSW)
Kimberley White (SQ)

2007 Recipients
Declan Reilly (SNSW)
Jackson Evans (SNSW)
Ravi Baratha Raj (SNSW)
Gemma Hughes (NNSW)
Amelia Johnson (SQ)

2006 Recipients
Matthew Graham (NNSW)
Heidi Graham (NNSW)
Miki Evans (SNSW)
Shelley White (SQ)

2005 Recipients
Richard Taylor (VIC)
Nick Taylor (VIC)
Callum Remington (NNSW)
Sandya Baratha Raj (SNSW)
Declan Rohr (SNSW)
Toby Dind (SNSW)

2004 Recipients
Alex Kerr (NQ)
Kristy White (NQ)
Phoebe Freeman (NNSW)
Maggie Kerr (NQ)
Hannah Nattress (SNSW)
Claire Griffits (SNSW)
Lachlan White (NQ)
Tom Rolfe (SNSW)
Emma O’Rourke (SQ)

2003 Recipients
Tobias Ehrsam (SQ)
Holly Ranson (TAS)

2002 Recipients
Mithcell Cavill (SQ)
David Fletcher (TAS)
Sam Kerr (NQ)
Lucinda Whitty (SNSW)
Max Creedy (NQ)
Emma Flukes (TAS)
Leith Mitchell (NQ)
Tony Wittem (NQ)
Stefanie Creedy (NQ)
Stephanie Flukes (TAS)
Christian Rohr (SNSW)
Jamie Woods (NNSW)

2001 Recipients
Alex Chapman (SNSW)
Renee Linton (NQ)
Beau Outteridge (NNSW)
Ned Daven (SNSW)
Tom Mullavey (TAS)
Phoebe Smith (SQ)
Mitchell Heath (NQ)
Philip Murdoch (NQ)

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